meet victoria

FULL NAME: Victoria Lavelanet Martin


BIRTH DATE: April 6, 1987

BEST TRICK: envisioning new projects

ENJOYS: playing with Rocky, making lists, sunbathing at the lake, long walks with Rocky, snuggling Jeff , crafting and daydreaming (all day everyday!)

Hi, I’m Victoria.

victoria-jeff-engagament-002photo by Flora + Fauna

The most important thing to me is my family. It’s a big one so here goes! Husband- Jeff, Dog Baby- Rocky, Mom- Carrie, Dad- Rudy, Sisters- Antonella, Alexandra & Catherine, Brother in Law- Julian, Father and Mother In law- Alan & Donna, and lastly this will take a while so lets just say there’s a whole slew of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends (whom I consider my little extended family). Each one of these people inspires, motivates and encourages me in their own way and I would not be who I am without them. My unique daily experiences with each one of these lovely souls drives my passion and hopefully through my posts you will get to know my relationship with each of them intimately.

Creativity is something that I was always surrounded by, but didn’t think much of it until middle school art class when my teacher, Mrs. Donovan, pointed out that I had a talent for art. My parents must have naturally fostered a very creative environment because I never considered what I did or how I thought to be creative until that moment. The world through my view was different and I enjoyed expressing that though my work. My parents were interior designers and my childhood was filled with creative influences that were so subtle yet very powerful. I’m proud to say I take after my parents’ creative souls and look forward to inspiring creativity in others.

With Love in Detail is a name inspired by my friends. I created a focus group among my girl friends with one end goal, describe me in a few words. It was amazing to see them at work with their post-its and ideas flying. To see what they thought of me and how they described me was so moving. It was a beautiful process with a few iterations, including my husbands input and months of mulling it over. It is the idea that I focus on the tiny moments, the small details and to me that is where I find my passion and the vision comes to life.

I hope you can take something from what I share here on With Love in Detail and mold it into your own tiny gem.