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Design Services

Looking for that special something? Do you have an inspiration image, but having trouble finding a budget friendly option?

I have a solution! I often start with an ideal image to create a design and look at vintage stores, antique malls or DIYs to find the perfect piece to match the vision. In this way I end up saving so much money and the result is an up-cycled piece with history and a story to tell. I always find with patience, diligence and some open-mindedness you can discover that perfect piece without buying new and it always feel so good!

Send me a message and I would be delighted to help you find that special something.

WithLoveInDetail Etsy Store

Over the past few months, I’ve been collecting special pieces to sell. My goal is to only pick pieces that are the cutest or most unique I’ve ever seen and bring them back to life for you to enjoy.

My collection is all vintage with a mix of mid-century, bo-ho and classic vintage pieces. I wanted to create a feel that is casual and elegant, but effortless and cozy with items that you may not expect together. Pieces include campaign style, rattan and bent wood, mcm glassware, kitchen ware,  wall decor, small and large furniture pieces, rugs and even some lighting.

These vintage items have made it through so many years and have a wonderful story to tell. I can’t wait to share them all with you and give them a new life!

Check out more at my Etsy shop!