An Introduction: Old Soul, Dreamer Designer

Hi Friends. I’m Victoria; I was born in New York, have three sisters, grew up in Florida and currently live in Cincinnati, OH with my Husband, Jeff, and our 13lb pip-squeak Boston terrier, Rocky.  My trusty companion, Rocky is a curious little guy following me everywhere so you’ll frequently see him in my pictures because he’s just so nosy!

I wanted to introduce myself quickly before we get started. I love all kinds of crafting, antiques, interior design and renovation. My curiosities are rooted in a background of Mom and Dad owning an interior design business for 15 years. Growing up with my childhood punctuated by creativity and design, I’m inspired to craft my own journey of creative discovery. I hope to inspire you to make this your own, awakening your passions and triggering a call to action to fill your world with beauty while trying something new.

As I reflect on my childhood I remember a time I was inspired.  It’s Sunday morning and as Dad drives, Mom gives direction. The same as with every Sunday afternoon tradition, we drive for hours looking for houses for sale. I unroll my window to feel the wet Florida air and close my eyes as the peaks of sun stretch through the trees to warm my face. Today as we drive through the tunnel of drooping, moss filled trees I strain to catch every glimpse of the beautiful character houses tucked far behind the brush and the glimmer of the ocean beyond them. I wonder which one we’ll stop at this time and if we’ll dare to look inside or peak from afar. The car slows and as I catch the last burst of gleaming ocean a wall of mangroves overtakes my view. It all clears; we’ve arrived at our destination. This time it’s a lot, an empty lot with no house, but a clearing of potential graced with a magnificent view.

I get out of the car and follow Mom and Dad. The wind whips through my hair sticking it to my face. The air is thick; you can taste the salt as you inhale the gusts of wind. I can see Mom and Dad talking, with the vast blue of the sky bleeding into the ocean surrounding them. I see my sister, Alex, playing in a sandy pile with her tight, dark curls whipping around like a ribbon being unwound. And as I turn to investigate the surroundings my curiosity of adventures lying ahead fill my mind with fantasies. With each trip I had more visibility on my perfect house and a perpetual fascination with old homes waiting to tell their stories if you dare to explore.

As time grew, my journey led me to desire house renovations of my own. In my land of daydreaming, anything is possible and everything is within reach, but what I found as a bright eyed, first time home buyer is there is no one perfect house.

After years of renting, wishing I could let my imagination run rampant on adorable character apartments and houses, my husband and I bought a home of our own. In December of 2014 as we ascended into the stoic 1890 Victorian, I was chilled by the cold impression and disjointed feel from ghosts of renovations past. Bright colors and additional fixtures distracted from the beautiful bones of this lovely lady and her character had been stripped away. With each step I took deeper into this house I felt her sadness and her potential to be beautiful once again. By the time I reached her peek in a forgotten attic I knew this was our dream home. With a heart brimming of possibilities and a mind full of numbers we set to work and what we’ve found is a never ending string of adventures.


Photo by Flora + Fauna

Surprises are revealed to us each day as we continue to renovate our home. One amazing example of an epic surprise is the entry way. While poking around during restoration, our contractor found something beautiful hidden within the walls. All I could think when I saw the pictures was the phrase Nicole Curtis says in Rehab Addict, “why in the world would someone cover this up?!” Our house revealed its treasure that day in the form of a glorious window in an area in much need of original character and natural light. Uncovering this window is one of the biggest improvements we have made restoring her glamour and commanding presence.

This room quickly became my favorite and I think you’ll understand when you see the transformation. Enjoy this sneak peak details and before pictures. Watch out for posts to come; I’ll show you the full Entry Way Reveal as well as how I bring together DIY projects, antique and modern inspiration to craft each room in my home.


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