House Buying Decision Process and Entry Way before Pictures

Remember my first Post with sneak pictures of the entry way? Well here is how it all began.

Prior to purchasing our house we weighed the pros and cons based on a number of factors a few most important ones being location, character appeal, renovation cost and other “old house factors”.

We’ve lived in a few areas around Cincinnati as renters and decided this neighborhood felt most like home.

Location, CHECK.

Character appeal was a big one for us. Those little custom details come together to tell a story about a home’s history and in some cases reveal functional uses as well as aesthetic accent.

Original wood windows, extra-large arched dining room window, wood floors, 9 foot ceilings, detailed door and window casings, Victorian architectural detail… Character appeal, CHECK.

We made a list of all the renovations we wanted to complete. Some were to correct strange renovations freeing her from the ghosts of her past and some were to bring functionality for a modern home. These costs heavily factored into the decision. We wanted to create value in the home while working within our means.

Renovation Budget, CHECK.

With all of our factors accounted for we were ready to dive into this adventure with confidence.

As you stepped into the house you were left underwhelmed with a dull first impression. The fragmented entry was no indication of the beautiful details throughout the rest of the house. The entry way was one of the first spaces we renovated. The ultimate goal was to make a beautiful, airy atmosphere to welcome guests while maintaining functionality. The main purpose of the space is to collect mail, keys, bags, coats and dog leashes so proper storage is key.




In Dining Room looking into a dark little Entry Way on right.


Entry Way Plans Included:

  • Extend the half bathroom wall and ceiling to match the 9’ ceiling of the room, eliminating the decor shelf wall.
  • Remove all wood paneling.
  • Gain back any space in walls from soffits.
  • Add casing, baseboard and crown molding to match the other rooms.
  • Re-configure electrical placement (the switch to the light in the bathroom was outside the door– but why?!)
  • Replace light fixture.
  • Clean up front door.

Coming up, I’ll share the full reveal and some other projects we’re currently working on including some recent DIYs.



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