Attic Progress: Walls on Walls on Walls!

Today is a Monday unlike any other. Today is the day our attic renovation takes a turn for the best!

With all the other projects and issues we’ve encountered in the past few months, the attic took the back burner and it seemed we would never reach the end.

Little by little we finished small projects like having plumbing & electric installed for a laundry room and refinishing the floors. It seemed like we had good momentum, but without walls the space was not quite usable and every time we had a small project we had to move the storage & extra furniture down to the guest room then back up, and up and down and up and down! Exhausting.

Well the walls are up now and I’m beginning to see the light (the good kind). Like a giddy little girl, I COULD NOT WAIT to get home to see the progress.



Walls make such a difference. It feels spacious and bright now that the insulation is tucked away and you can walk the space freely.

Side note Jeff and I installed the insulation. It’s relatively easy once you get started and you just have to make sure you have all the proper personal protective gear. The guys at Lowes were super helpful showing us the proper insulation which is based on the width & depth of your walls.

Unfortunately, we were under time constraint and covered in fiberglass so I don’t have any pictures, but imagine my purple New Orleans t-shirt from Natalie’s Bachelorette, a backwards cab, goggles & respirator, super cute.






Good times in New Orleans. Anyway, I’m excited to see how the room takes shape and can’t wait to decorate this weekend. Here are my plans for the color scheme and decor.

White walls & black trim.

(one) (two) (three) (four)

A light fixture similar to this and black risers on the steps.


(one)  (two)

MCM vibes with relaxed seating and a built in book case nook.

(one)  (two)

Crossing my fingers all goes smoothly and we finish in time to host my husband’s Beer League up there!


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